Low‐cost thin‐film modules for commercial systems

As a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and of an already installed worldwide output of over 10 gigawatts and an annual production capacity of more than 1 gigawatt, First Solar continues to strive to reduce the costs of solar energy significantly through a sustainable further development of the module technology.

The PV FS Series 2 module is the first module to be able to undercut the 1$/Watt limit in production. It is, in addition, the system with the best CO2 balance of all PV technologies currently available on the market and the shortest energy payback time.

In 2010 the company introduced the new PV Series 3 module to the market – the new expansion of its industry‐leading module design that is leading the way for future strategy programmes on energy efficiency. Series 3 is based on the proven design and performance of the previous Series 2, but records a far higher level of efficiency and is designed for the new BOS technology (Balance Of System).

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Frankfurt Solar GmbH deals comprehensively with the field of solar energy (production of silicon, ingot, cells, photovoltaic modules and solar collectors, distribution, project development and ‐ investment, etc.).

Frankfurt Solar GmbH and the corporate group are fully integrated into the whole supply chain of the solar industry through investment and joint ventures in two major listed manufacturers and the ownership of four distribution companies as well as four investment firms. In addition, it invests as an investor in large‐scale international solar projects.

As a producer Frankfurt Solar GmbH delivers long‐term secured high‐quality products which are developed and produced in accordance with EU standards(with TÜV [German Technical Inspectorate] certificates) and the US standard (UL certificate). The brand (Frankfurt Solar) is designed for long life with minimal maintenance.

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