Expert consultation from our professional staff pays off for you!

Solar power systems are a good investment for private investors as well as for commercial investors. The quality and thus optimal performance of a photovoltaic system is therefore extremely crucial from the economic point of view.

At the beginning of a solar project, therefore, our technicians are always available to provide our customers with a technical consultation. A high level of energy production is only ensured with optimal coordination of all components. Our technicians work in coordination with you to find the optimum conditions and set the output level for your system in relation to the roof area available to you. If there are no outstanding issues, the next step is to measure the roof and formulate a tender.

We focus all our energy into satisfying you. Working in partnership with our customers is our top priority. Our tender proposal is already influenced by the needs of our customers.

Through constant growth and future‐proof planning we offer our customers excellent quality and healthy profits. All other components of the systems, such as substructures, high‐quality mounting systems and a continuous coordination with inverters facilitate a secure connection to the national grid. A secure and stable installation is a vital component for the efficiency of PV systems. A high level of efficiency is achieved if careful planning and

We are here for you!