Compensation for electricity fed into the grid is guaranteed by the EEG (Renewable Energy Law).

Solar power is clean and a high‐yield and secure investment.

You receive a guaranteed compensation for electricity fed into the grid thanks to the EEG and solar power. The compensation lasts for the next 20 years at the agreed level per kWh.

Our Range of Services

On our website we offer investors high‐yield photovoltaic system investment tenders. We provide open space and appropriate roof surfaces which we design individually and hand over ready for operation, with approvals and inspections included. We also offer you completed systems.

With the project development and implementation of solar power systems, OecoEnergy covers all services involved in a project. The services are modular and can be adapted specifically to the special wishes and needs of our partners and investors. OecoEnergy takes over the site development, analyses the general conditions, determines the costs and evaluates the risks. The consultation and support for all necessary contracts and approval processes are also part of our service.

Everything from one source!