Roof Surfaces

Roof Surfaces

Let your roof work for you!

For the installation of photovoltaic systems we look for roof surfaces with an area in excess of 300 m2. The roofs should have an incline between 10° and 40° as well as an orientation between south‐east and south‐west in addition to a good base substance. The static of the roof is checked by one of our structural engineers.

A prerequisite for the rental is the registration of an easement at the District Court in the land register, department 2, with first‐ranking priority. The roof usage contracts have a term of 25 years.

The rental fee is from €1.30 per m2 and per year depending on the orientation of the roof or, however, an investment in the compensation for electicity fed into the grid starting at 4% per year. A basic investment on the part of the roof owner is also possible.

The payment for 20 years is made in advance with a discount or by means of an annual payment.

If you are interested in a long‐term rental of your roof, please contact Mr. Volker Tischner on 04943 911713 or 01520 8890791 or get in touch by using our "online" »contact form.