The leading bank in northwest Niedersachsen

As a regional bank the OLB is closely connected to the northwest. Their corporate client consultants are here to make you feel 'at home' and know the challenges that must be faced by companies in the Weser‐Ems region. As a competent and reliable partner it helps you to implement your strengths and corporate goals by using the right concepts.

Raiffeisen‐Volksbank eG: many specialists, one contact person

Contact your corporate client consultant. He will attend to all of your financial and business issues. Upon request, he will make contact with specialists from the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

Sparkasse Aurich‐Norden: the leading bank in your area

The most important aim of this savings bank is to satisfy its customers. A critical component is above all proximity to customers. Always at hand with 27 branches, various special consulting centres, 12 additional SB sites and mobile sales representatives.

Sparkasse Hannover

Daily thoughts and actions are geared towards the Hanover region. With a robust workforce of 2,400 employees, Sparkasse Hannover is one of the most important companies in Niedersachsen.

Saving Banks

Allianz Versicherungen [Allianz Insurance]

Allianz, with its experience and financial clout and more than 20 million customers in Germany, it stands for reliability and security.

VGH Versicherungen [VGH Insurance]

VGH is currently the largest regional insurer in Niedersachsen – with an almost complete remit offering property and personal insurance.


Alumero Systematic Solutions GmbH

Alumero sees itself not only as a producer of high‐quality aluminium extruded profiles, but also as a leading supplier

Colexon Solar Power Systems

As a distributor in the photovoltaic sector, COLEXON offers its customers an extensive range of solar modules and components from well‐known manufacturers as well as customised solutions for photovoltaic systems.

EGing PV

EGing PV is the real deal thanks to its first‐class production facilities and the reliability and performance stability of its certified products, which actually exceed the requirements of international standards.

First Solar Manufacturing GmbH

First Solar, a world‐leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, provides sustainable energy solutions to the energy challenges of today. By continuing to reduce production costs, First Solar provides an affordable and environmentally‐friendly alternative to energy production based on fossil fuels.

Frankfurt Solar GmbH

Frankfurt Solar GmbH operates comprehensively within the field of solar energy. (Production of silicon, ingot, cells, photovoltaic modules and solar collectors, distribution, project development and investment, etc.).

RefuSol GmbH

RefuSol GmbH is a worldwide technological leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic inverters. REFUSOL inverters, with a peak efficiency of 98.2%, are among the most efficient and innovative on the market.

Schletter GmbH ‐ Solar Mounting Systems

As an experienced manufacturer of professional mounting systems, Schletter offers various types of PV module installation. These systems combine optimum static design, short installation times, economy and the highest level of durability at attractive prices. All systems come with a 10 year warranty for service life. All systems are manufactured exclusively in Kirchdorf/Haag in Upper Bavaria.

SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA Solar Technology AG develops, produces and sells solar inverters and monioring systems for photvoltaic systems. SMA achieves the world’s highest turnover in this sector and is the only manufacturer that has a range of products that provides the appropriate type of inverter for each type of module and for all performance capacities. Both for grid‐connected applications and for isolated and backup operation.

Partners in Cooperation

Solar Log – Monitoring Specialist

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS), headquartered in Swabian Binsdorf, specialises in the development and distribution of monitoring systems for photovoltaic systems.